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Thursday, December 16, 2004

"Jesus said 'it is finished', for you, it continues. A life spent contemplating sin is a life not lived.", Mshairi(2004).

Painting Pictures

So I guess this is the time I start painting pictures from this year, which poetically (hi nick) means I start remembering what this year had in store for me; the memories and times I had from the beginng of the year up to now:

Well the year was ushered in not in a elegant nor with pomp and colour but under the solace, peace and warmth of my blankets (Yes I was a sleep that day). And so I guess as they say, this was reflected in the days that were to come (nothing much happened). So I don't know how the new year will be ushered in this time but all I ask is the grace to see the dawn and if God wills the setting of it as well.

But honestly am indeed grateful to God for having brought me this far, for the health, job, new encounters, 'the storms' and life itself. I know what it means to lack any of this, but its not that I have it all but am contented and thankful with what He has given me.

well this is what happened in a giffy:
(a) smartkid came into my life (and am sorry to say that I haven't recovered yet from
the encounter.

(b)Voluteered for co-group
Where I was able to escape too for awhile from all the week's noise. But am sorry
to say the stint was shortlived.

(c)started journey to self rediscovery
And this has taken me longer than I wanted and revealed things that I hated.

(d)Started going to HOPE
And this if you ask me is the greatest, most important and wisest (If there is
anything like it) decision I made this year. I have no regrets about it and not
ashamed in anyway.

(e)Met the musician and the others after three good years and the feelings that were
came flooding back again.

(f)My times at compassion came to an end.
Was hard but I had to let go and move on and even forget that I was ever there.
But the mistakes made still haunt me.

(g)Met new acquintances, some who are still around but some moved on.

(h)Finished my probation, got my first pay check.

(i)Went for my first wedding after 10 good years.

(j)Got involved in Mb and I.P something am still fighting to get rid of and move on
with my life.

(k)Starting blogging and I have never looked back.

I think that's it for today. But all in all It was worth every minute.

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