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Monday, December 20, 2004

My few words

Guess I don't have the exact words to express what am feeling right now, but one of them is; I don't feel like writing anything.

But I have the 411:

- Smartkid is finally leaving, they were here to pick there stuff.

- My nephew is flying out, but if you ask me am not excited about it like everyone
else, and its not as if am jeolous for him or anything. Worse of all the dad call
me to tell me how invited I am for the farewell party and I wonder whether this is
the time he finally sees that am invitable to a party in his house. So am still
undecided as to whether I will go or not.

- Church was just like that, spent best part of the sermon day dreaming. But don't
blame me, since the sermon was all about Christmas and that was the last thing I
wanted to hear (Sounds like scourege sp.). Got to wish themusician and the other
all happy holidays but I knew I was lying since I didn't mean it.

- Feel so overwhelmed by work, what I want and the places I wish to be right now,
that nothing feels real anymore.

And thats all for today

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