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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Today's word

Lots of noise around, due to the construction going on around me. All this in the name of expansion in order to "offer better services and increase productivity", which to me simply means "We need to make more money". The smell of paint and dust just seems to be getting to me right now but I have no choice but to assume am in a air-conditioned hotel somewhere in Hawaii.

The retreat was a blast and I enjoyed myself to the fullest (If there is a word like this) and my muscles still aching up to now, is a testimony to this. But am sorry to say that the event didn't lack the usual momentos, which if you ask me serves to remind us of how sweet the moment was (the sudden postivity also astounds me!).

But even with newspaperguy behaving like a smug, some committee members talking ill of me behind my back and not being able to swim; couldn't taint the time I had there.

On top of that I got the opportunity of spending some closeup moments with smartkid, which am sorry to say, I discovered only yesterday and too late that they were all an act and I ought to have listened to my instincts when they warned me not to get involved in the first place.

The week started off on an interesting note, when I got a visit by my nephew, which provided me with those rare opportunities to bond with 'family', get the 411 on whats happening and show off on how great an uncle you can be.

Well those were the words for today, which are there to remind me of the race am in and the need to take time and re-evaluate myself even as I continue with my journey through life.

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