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Thursday, December 09, 2004


Its funny that I always seem to find the time and energy to update my blog and do another things, while the man inside feels so neglected and left out.

Many things have happened that I can say for sure, but the most interesting thing is that, out of all the occurences it hurts to reveal that most of them were annoying.

I did a very bad thing yesterday and that is reveal alot about myself to someone who doesn't like telling me about themselves or even tell me what's in there mind at the least. I really regret what I did and I don't know how I can change it. To make matters worse the person goes right on ahead to critize the way I dress, my hair cut and so many other things, which I don't have time to go into right now. But one thing I know is they had no right to say what they did and likewise to me, I had no right to tell them about myself the way I did.

Some of my collegues have been behaving in a very bitchy manner, but I think I understand since they are going through menopause and most of them the PMS is driving them off the wall.

And thats all for today.

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