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Friday, December 03, 2004

Week's Summary.

Been a difficult journey, that I can say for sure.

I guess am among the first guys to be excited that the week is finally coming to an end, and I can finally say goodbye to the horrible things I have done, the things that have annoyed me and the mood swings I have been experiencing.

Talking of things done, this week has witnessed the return of excessive mbt, something I have been trying to fight from the very beginning. On top of that we have gone back to pxxxx, which if you as me is the major contributor to all of this things.

My battle toward feelings for smartkid also experienced up trend this week and on tuesday it was so severe that I actually cried and said this I ought not to have said about myself (Don't worry, I was alone when all this happened).

I have noticed that of late, I have stopped listening to myself (the inner man), and in return I have been doing this the way I want and feel like it, even when I know thats not what I want to do and the end result won't be welcoming. I guess through this I have learnt that am rebellious, something I have tried to deny all this time.

I can't say that am excited over the weekend, neither can I say am not. I know there will be many things to do, but all of which am doing because I have to and not because I want.

With the year drawing to an end, I will be writing things that have happened this year, and I guess the post will be entitled "the shakers and movers of the year". So be sure to tune in..

Expo came to an end today and all I can say is it was worth it.

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