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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I got this from someone I know, liked it alot and decided to share it with the world:

We talked and it was painful
I cried… Not because we had problems but because we had no solutions.
You are sorry I feel the way I do, but you don’t feel it is your responsibility to change.
Perhaps you feel powerless to change
Perhaps you don’t want to make any changes
Maybe you don’t realize that changes will occur regardless. There is no limbo.
I feel devalued
Barely tolerated
And yet, I love you
Want you
I want our life to get back on track.
I worry we have strayed so far into the forest, that we can’t even hear the train.
How will we get back on track?
If you love me now, I am missing it. If you treasure me now, I can’t feel it.
I am lost in your cold indifference, your refusal to show me affection, your sincere disconnection from all intimacies with me. I miss the playful you, the warm you, the welcoming you and the man who told me he loved me, the man who showed me he loved me. Are we incapable of that relationship now?
"Treasures" you say, are to be “buried in the yard.” I know it’s a joke. But it rings true. You have tried to bury me. You have tried to stifle me. You are wasting me.
You can’t bury me.
My light will shine through and someone will find me desirable and irresistible.
I need to be valued.
I need to be more than tolerated.
I need to be appreciated.
I want to be excited and secure in our marriage. Presently, I feel sad, insecure and doomed.
I remember a time when my laugh, my style, my mind, my body and my soul excited you. I remember my heart skipping a beat at the sound of your voice, a glimpse of your face and the thrill of your touch.
I cling to long ago photos, a cold piece of parchment paper, your barely worn wedding band and a bed with a heart carved into it. I want to cling to you. Will you let me?

quite a good piece
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