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Thursday, January 13, 2005


lying unnoticed
on the busy street

like this abandoned doll
I once lost my path

lamentably, I never found
my way home...

Copyright 2004 by Danny Sillada

Ps: A dedication to ariel

That's a forlorn poem. Reminds me of something I wrote once called "Castaway." This was before the movie, you understand. Regardless, thanks for the dedication (I think :).
This is my copyrighted drawing and poem at ExtraOrdinary Encounter blogsite ( Please tell me why you should not be legally incriminated for using my intellectual property without crediting my name as the author of the material. I need you explanation before I take legal action on this and bring this matter to the administrator.

Danny Sillada
Thanks for the rectification. Forget what I have said above... I am sorry too.

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