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Friday, January 14, 2005

The real me Vs The cool me

And the battle continues:

The real me gets pissed off alot especially when I see or think am being taken for a ride, but the 'cool me' says "You just can't show it".

The real me has moods and there are mornings when I just don't feel like talking to anyone or doing anything, but the 'cool' me says I just can't show it.

The real me gets hurt and gets hurt so much especially when the person doing or has done you wrong is someone you refer to as a friend, but the 'cool' me says I have to take it easy.

The real me gets worried over trivial things and panics when faced with something foreign, but the 'cool' me says "thats not the way cool guys behave".

The real me gets lonely but the 'cool' me reminds me that I can do without the world.

The real me has plans, goals, dreams and aspirations but the 'cool' me tell me why have them when I don't know whether they will ever be fulfilled.

The real me has a past and burdens but the 'cool' me reminds me that sharing them will only make me more vulnerable.

The real me is shy and fearful but the 'cool' me tells me thats not the way a 'celeb' acts.

And so as the battle continues; the clouds gather up above my head.

now the real you and the cool you need to read my article on "suck on this"
I agree with Nick. Let your new year resolution (there is still time yet to make another one:-) focus on the 'cool you'.
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