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Thursday, February 03, 2005


Been trying to come in terms with all thats been happening in my life for the past two weeks, analyzing my failures (which somehow have been many), moments I have made a fool out of myself and the conflicts I have been experiencing in my life lately both here in the office, at home and with myself.

During the just ended week, alot happened here in the office, which in turn brought about mixed reactions, insecurities about my job (something I had so far managed to push at the back of my mind), the kind of people I really work with (people who only mind about there own welfare and how things will be done there way), the gossip that has been going on behind my back and how alone I was even from the beginning.

I was so worked up about this, which brought me to the blink of wanting to quit and start all over again, something I have dreaded from the very beginning. Even now am thinking of taking a week long vacation and just go and relax or do something that will make me forget the workplace and the people for awhile; but I know this will not go down well with the so called management.

Its was also at this time that I was going through a moment of self recorrection and admonishing, which resulted in my moods being on edge and any provocation made matters even worse.

Home hasn't made matters easier for me, and the temptations to just pack my bags and leave, hasn't been a foreign thought.

My energies feel so drained that even updating my blog suddenly became a task I wasn't looking forward too. With it went my creativity and composure, which has somehow affeceted the I have been relating to people around me.

I don't know how long this will last and I don't know how I will be feeling after that.

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