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Friday, February 11, 2005

There are:
things you wish you hadn't done,
Words you wish you hadn't spoken,
People you wish you hadn't met,
Places you wish you hadn't gone,
Stuff you wish you had't seen,
Voices you wish you hadn't heard,
Promises you wish you hadn't made,
Desires you wish you hadn't fallen for,
Feelings you wish you hadn't obeyed,
Temptations you wish weren't yours,
And a life you wish you hadn't lived,
Thats the way I feel today...............

hey there sounds like somethin i'd write...when i feel like taht there is one thing that makes it all better. SLEEP!!!!!

that and the fact that i watched 24 season 4...ha haha
Beautiful and lovely words but don't beat yourself over things that you cannot do anything about now - there are so many other things in this world that conspire to make life difficult for us, therfore, be easy on yourself.
Nick is such a cool and funny dude, isn't he:)

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, my blogger friend!
I decided to stop by and see who was fighting with Nick :)

I love the pictures on your blog and I do hope you are feeling a lot better.
Don't mind me am commenting on your old stuff. I hope you are not sad today! Let God be God in your heart. I have so much I would like to tell you, to encourage you. You can count on me if you ever need a friend. I hope things are better.
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