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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Once there was a little goldfish who lived with lots of other goldfishes in a very crowded and not so clean aquarium. He was somehow different from most of other goldfishes and so he usually went to his little corner under a little mossy stone and passed his days by dreaming about sea.

As he grew up he decided to go and find the sea. Where there is enough space for everybody, even different ones to leave in peace. Where you don't live too close to each other and so usually people don't meddle in each other lives. He tried a lot to jump out of that aquarium and someday managed to reach the sea. It's a beautiful place but as time passed he realized he missed something. He missed that little aquarium and that little mossy stone of his past. Some people said this is foolish and a silly homesickness. They say he must be rational and don't let his emotions to overcome logic and reality. Maybe because of that different part of him which make him more emotional or maybe because all his life he tried to be able to announce his feelings, to be emotional, to be silly despite what other goldfishes think and say, he still misses his home.

The sea is beautiful and rational and cold. He can't call sea his home. Right now he is as alone as he was under his mossy stone. And still, like all those past years, he tries to be logical and suppress his emotions. He is a goldfish with a suitcase full of memories, in a sea full of pure water, alone.

Truly sad
1.was nemo a goldfish?
2.just hatin on u!!!!
.....mmmm i love goldfish more than anything in the world.....cute things. forgive my sounding so primitive.
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