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Wednesday, March 09, 2005


How do you remain optimistic when all that you've planned aren't turning the way you want it to be? How do you keep on smiling when there's nothing to smile about? How do you keep yourself from snapping when things haven't been going the way you want it to be? How do you keep your faith when your god keeps on putting you to the test?

Gosh thats the way I have been feeling the whole of this week and I can assure you it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

A few minutes ago I had a lecture from the boss over something I did that undid something stupid he had done. Now he accuses me of being disrespectful and insurbodinate.

My career seems to be on a drag right now, and not even the work or the pple interest me anymore. It feels like if I have been racing for years and still no finish line.

Of late I have been involved in an exchange of words and thoughts with myself over the things I stand for (or seem to think I stanf for), the direction I seem to be taking and my pursuits.

Am about to visit one of those places you visit when you don't know where to go and it started to bother me that I still don't know what I'm about. Everybody knows the questions you ask youself, "where am I going?" "When will I get there" and the scariest of them all, "what if I never find out, what if destined to never fulfill my own destiny.

I no longer know the person I am anymore, cause I rememeber a few years ago, I used to know the things I want and the ones I don't, the places I want to be and the pple I want to be with but thats not the case know, the things I do to cheer myself up and the things I need to avoid. But all of that seems to be the reverse.

And thats my reactions.

hmmm...i've been accused of not bein an ardent follower...but pardon me but havent u recycled this article froma preivous post?

ok am sure now there is a diatribe goin on...spittin out insults as u seat there in dismay...
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