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Friday, March 25, 2005


I swam in the sea of hopes
Drowning me with anticipation
I touched the stars
But I got burnt
In my heart
Causing a forever scar

I will remember the lesson well
Never to believe in lullabies
For twinkle twinkle little stars
I am still wondering what you are
Sparkling diamonds in the sky
Acute emptiness in my psyche

I inhaled the vacuum of life
Suffocating me with ecstasy
I touched the meteor of emotions
And got my mind frozen
Forever unwilling to stabilise

I arrested a melting point
But only to melt my hopes
I bailed the melting point
But only to freeze my emotions
To a point
It just breaks
Leaving me
Yearning for more
Longing for thaw

I internalized the reality of unrealitivity
Hopefully unbelieving hopes
Yet I got superstitious
And started
Worshipping lies

we learn from our mistakes and disappointments
when expectations get crushed
hopes get diminished
heavier gets the heart
in there lies the true meanin of learnin
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