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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Place to hide

We all need a place to hide, to hide from the madness around us, within us and the madness to come.

A place where we can be ourselves, say things the way we want to say them, and try to make them come true.

A place where we can afford to believe in the things we dream and fantazise about, and not worry of what others have to say about them.

A place where we can dance to our own music, sing our own songs and clap to the turn.

A place where we are free to open our hearts and not be ashamed by what lies inside.

A place with no worries for tomorrow, what lies ahead or what lies in store for us around the corner.

A place where we can forget our myseries for awhile.

A place where the passion never dies.

A place to hide....

so do u have a place to hid?
tell us oh tormented one..reveal unto us the burden u carry
That place exists for the very bottom of a Tia Maria bottle.
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