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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Running or Walking

On sunday, someone stop me on my way from church (Yes nick I do go to church) and asked me a very interesting and deep thought (if there's
anything like it) question; Why am I always running?

At first I thought they were asking me why I was in a hurry, but after looking in there eyes I discovered this was a Rhetorical question.

The other thing that surprised me more was the person who asked me this question. I have never known them to be that point blank
and never the less that observerant.

So why am I always running?

I didn't have an answer then and I doubt whether I have an answer now. To make matters even more interesting I even don't
Know how to answer myself.

Is it that I have been searching for something, hoping it will take away this feeling. 'Finding' it only to discover it wasn't
what I had in mind but just an imitation, then the search continues again!

Is it that I have never been as ease with where I am right now, and the desire to get out has brought about all this
running up and down looking for 'that place'!

Is it that everytime "I meet the standard", then the standard changes!

Is it that the things I have held dear and close seem to be always the ones to be taken away and hence the need to acquire others!

Is it the fact that I end up meeting pple who have perfected their art of living and hence the need to perfect mine!

Is it that I have things about me that I need to sharp up, confront and overcome that even the thought just makes me run like this!

Is that everytime I go to a place, I find cliches which I have to fitin in order to feel welcome!

Is the fact that most of the times I feel as if I have to prove myself in order to get by or get myself heard!

Is it that I feel am always in a pit and I have to get out!

Or is it that all of this is not me and I have to find myself!

Or is it that am running away from myself!

Honestly I don't know which one of these is the answer, but one thing I know it that I have been running for sure,
I don't know when I will come to the finishing line; I just hope that by the time
I get to the finishing line, the line will not be moved again.

It didn't hit me that even on the outside pple could see I was on a race, so its true when the said that
"from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh".

I guess this is what pple term 'a race against oneself' but funny enough am sure God is asking me right now "What is it that you are running from
and where is it am running to"

Hi there,

Next time you go to church si upeleke cousin Nick?

Alafu am I supposed to call you Uncle Torments, ama Uncle Moments seeing as Mshairi is your Big Sis.

And pia...I don't recall seeing your family application form...ama you have adopted Mshairi?

Wapi Nick...we need to discuss this.

Oh...and in relation to your post. Perhaps God isn't asking you why are you are running. Maybe He already knows the answer and was trying to get you to slow down and stop running?
i have read a nice book which could answer wat you are thinking abuor
Dale Carnegie-stop worrying and start living in it you will find an interesting article on Rockefeller and many others. Please make a point of reading it if you already haven't
areti dede yin

Sometimes its in the running that we get to really see the pple we really are and those that have stood by us all this time.

Ps: Are you coming on sunday?
Sema jo!

I can see you have stopped this things!

hi there did you read the book.
I sure did!

Ps: Honestly I had read the book before.....whats the punishment...
And hows my poet doing?

So this is your famous hideout?

I think I will also join this thing

i can now acces your profile.punishment?
@ Shiloh

No it wasn't a punishment!

I just disabled my profile by mistake last time I was editing it.

Pole sana for the inconvience!

Nice to hear from you! You didn't show up on Sunday!
@ Areti dede yin

You are such as liar


Yes it'S a high time you did just that!
was replying to the one u said, you have read the bookand then said punishment so wasn't sure what you meant
u stil running honestly i read that book and my many worries about not being perfect went away you know like it asks you what is the worst that can happen.
@ shiloh

Yes I have read the book (like a year ago) and I don't know whether it's the fact that I read it in a hurry that nothing seemed to change!

Well I have decided to read the book again and this time I promise to tell you what I found out!

As for punishment, I was talking about my profile not opening (that it wasn't a punishment!)

All in all thanks alot for the comments
maybe u read it in a hurry a colleague of mine gave me the book after seeing the way i was stressed, i'm really grateful to her,anyway thanx,

I started reading the book last night, am on page 10 right now, hope I will not get distracted by work and lag behind.

All in all thanks for the encouragement.
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