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Monday, May 09, 2005

Thought about you....

I Have Thought About You
I have thought about you
Every day since I met you
And I have not stopped
Since you have been gone

If anything
I have thought more
In your absence
Because I did not have you
Here to occupy me

Still I would rather
Have you
Than my thoughts

I wanted to really comment on this poem. But I don't know what has made me change my mind.

And Whats there for me if I a kenyan you know!

"Still I would rather
Have you
Than my thoughts"

Loving that.

And loving the new look - the header image.
I like it.
This poem better be about me or have a lot of explaining to do.....

Ps: Hope you are well

Eye Candy
i wished you wrote it for me
that is a very sweet poem.will u write for me one
@ davylious
The days for tkk are over.....

@Ms K
The look has been there for the last 3 months now.....

You are indeed welcome and thanks for the compliment

@Eye candy
If you insist...and was that a threat? Bcoz if it was, you know I can also issue threat......Lol

I truly hope you revealed your identity. But all in all I will be more than willing to write you one.

On one condition! that you have been a good girl and you like muffins!....
hi moments m always a good girl but muffins.....anyway my email is skylwan AT YAHOO.COM,cheers email some time.
Your poems are becoming more profound as the days go by. Well done!
@Big sis!
Thanks for that Sis...I wonder what brother nick feels about this!
I had left you a comment and it is not here! Oh well.

Uncle, the poem is lovely...who is it about? I only ask because I like to keep tabs on potential family members..
"Still I would rather
Have you
Than my thoughts"

Yaani you are a very sentimental guy. Thats very beautiful. ebu hit us with more!
@Mama Junkyard

Actually I think my adoption papers have taken long to be processed, since I should have joined the family along time ago.....forget about nick his jealous that I am now the new last born....

Trust me much more is coming!
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