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Saturday, May 14, 2005

To you.....

I wished upon it on a star...
but it fell down bringing back nothing but a scar...

I whispered it to the sea...
but the waves just brought it back to me...

I shouted it out to the sky today,
but the wind blew it all away...

So I sang it to the breeze...
but the birds sang a more beautiful song...
and mine was left unheard...

How will u ever know...
that i have fallen in love with you...


Okay fine!
I admit you are good and I mean really are you happy now!

Ps: If you don't mind me asking who is this 'You'?
Uncle Torments...

That is a lovely poem....I am also curious...who is the You? Do they also want to be adopted into the family?
ebu tuambie who's this on ur mind makin u weak like this

haiya maybe they know and in fact they've fallen for you and its you not gettin the signals?? think about that!!!
How lovely!
@ Davylious
I know defeat is hard to admit but denial is worse....Try next time baby!

@Mama Junkyard
Actually I think my adoption papers have taken long to be processed, since I should have joined the family along time ago.....forget about nick his jealous that I am now the new last born....

Will I be lying if I told this court that you wrote me mail begging to have this poem dedicated to you!!!!!!!!

@ Big sis
Thanks alot for the compliment

Ps: And the you is......................................
To be continued..
Eye Candy

I have never knopwn you to be that......ammmmm........Sentimental!
Thats a very touching poem. If the 'you' is me then just let me know....hehehe

But seriously if this is true then just let 'you' know!
All the best.
LMAO@ your response to Nick! You know a few months ago this would have had me emailing you those long emails with many maswali's.

Uncle Torments I am so glad you joined the know how to weza the lovely but unruly Nick
Ati new last born...u and ur silly niece can take a long walk off a short pier

tuambie ni nani...

and pardon me if am wrong but are u also cruisin for a bruising
I just came by to let be it be know that I am still laughing my head off at that whole 'Nick begged for a dedication' line...

Between Daud El Rude and Uncle Torments I am actually starting to feel sorry for Nick...
Ati crusin for a bruising !

Well I have to give you marks for the rhyme in those words and encourage you to try your hand in poetry or lyrical writing (your stage name can be Dj Nick from the buruside connection)

Don't feel threatened you still retain your place at the table and enjoy the company of your thats a good deal...(smile breaking...)

Its a high time!
Ati tushindwe!

And we all know we have been the greatest thing that has happened to you since Fanta!
Wah wah wah that was a good one!!!

LOL y'all are cracking me up!!

Ala Nick, I never.... oh well, guess c'est la vie. Guess Omar has nothing to worry about now!
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