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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

While going thro' my archives I discovered that yesterday marked my 3th Anniversary in blogger (Yes its three years now) and to commemorate that occassion I decided to post this poem in honour of all those that have take time to read this blog and for the comments.

Its also amazing the kind of encouragement, love, criticism and wisdom I have received from the pple I have interacted either thro mail, comments and even reading their blogs.

So to all of you may God really bless you and hope this is just the begining of great things to come!

Yes Nick you are also included.

Ps: I will write more on this later

A Hundred Ripples

Drop a stone into the water --
In a moment it is gone,
But there are a hundred ripples
Circling on and on.
Say an unkind word this moment --
In a moment it is gone,
But there are a hundred ripples
Circling on and on.
Say a word of cheer and splendor --
In a moment it is gone,
But there are a hundred ripples
Circling on and on.

happy anniversary:i guess the party invitation got lost in the mail...however... u and ur nieces(ms k and kui) can have a ball. u can celebrate with maji moto na ngozi za nyanya!!!!
Is this one way of trying to tell us you want to come for the bash!

Don't worry you are invited by default, just don't come with your pink socks.
oh let the mud slinging begin!!!!!
u know where u can stick that default invitation...yes first remove your thumb...yes...then now stick it.

i'll have u know am off on a cruise trip wit Ms K(i have a feelin am settin myself up for mo ass whooping)
moments happy anniversary, i actually love your creativity.
Thank you Uncle Torments.

Nick..wacha fujo..
@ Nick
Ati mud slinging!

Gosh nick this is not nursery where we all know you had a thing for that mud pond next to the girls toilets.....(its funny how pple change)

As for the cruise well make sure to carry you pajamas, don't forget sweet alfred (the teddy) and swimming ballons (we all know your fear of water) and don't forget if you need to go peepee at night don't call for mummy!

Thanks alot sweetheart!
moments happy anniversary, i actually love your creativity.
@Mama Junyard
Your truly and most welcome princess
LMAO...Uncle Torments...I didn't know you had it in you..

Nick what did you do to Uncle T? He is really launching a full out war eh?

@Uncle..your blog from start to finish has been a great read!! Please keep blogging. I like the poems but I miss those stories you would write about..
Am still sorting myself out but don't worry the stories are coming...juicy and nice (funny enough I have then on blogger its just that I have posted them yet)

As for nick....he started it!
Happy anniversary! I guess when you started blogging you didn't think you'd last this long.

Yaani Nick is being attacked left right and centre. woiye
Happy anniversary!
Boys boys BOYS!!! LOL

Happy blogday Torments. May you be here forever!!

I won't even comment on the pseudo-war you and Nick are engaged in!!

OH and that poem was lovely and the picture.... priceless!!
Beautiful poem!!

hmmm...where have u guys been all my life?:-)i 'stumbled' upon a certain blog that led me to another and another and did i say another?yup!mama junkyard is funny..u r deep-keep it up!!..and as for the rest of the bloggers,i'm sure there's something nice i could say about ur blog if i could just remember its name!!:-)kari
ok..i'm no longer 'anonymous':-)i do have a blog now..which only has 1post as per now..but yeah...kair
This battle goes along way back, its just that our treaty expired afew days ago!
Infact the recruitement is in progress

Thanks alot

@Ms K
Did you know that Nick has a thing for tissue paper!!!!!Oh Yes and these are just a few things about Him that you need to know!!!

Karibu sana and thanks for passing by.

So you were anonymous....anyway karibu pia!
@ lifesmoments:
oh no..i wasnt always anonymous-as in its just for janaz post that i was 'anonymous'..any previous posts by 'anonymous' were NOT by me..i hope that makes abit of sense:-)
Congratulations! Here's to 3 more years;)
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