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Monday, May 23, 2005

A Window without Curtains

Its the beginning of a new week and am already feeling tired and worn out.

So where do I begin!

Well I promised to write about my three years in blogging, but after really thinking about it I discovered I don't have the energy or the willingness to retrace my steps back the beginning. I guess its the fear of seeing the person I was then to the person I am now, remembering the things I have gone through and the things I might find hidden during those times.

But I can honestly say the times I have spent here have been worthwhile, the pple I have met; priceless treasures, the things I have learnt; ageless wisdom and the encouragement; to last me a life time!

So how are my characters doing?
Well most of them have moved on, I guess we all reached 'the CrossRoad', where each person had to make a decision and I guess each of us took our seperate ways. Funny enough more characters have come into the picture and with there entrance has come new scenes, thrills and head/ heartaches, for those that remained; the 'movie' still goes on.

I guess its true when they said that, "there are friends for a reason, season and for a life time".

So hows work?

Well for sure, Of late coming to work has been a hustle, I guess its the feeling I get when waking up and remembering the things I have to face, the pple I have to encounter and the hustles I have to overcome.

Alot has happened, changes effected and pple moved at the same time.

And this has really taken a toll on me and I guess this explains why am always tired and worn out!

So hows home?
Lets not even go there!
Alot needs to be said, alot needs to be explained and understood at the same time. For now lets just jump this topic and yes am avoiding this topic!

Hows the future?
I would be lying if I said I don't feel like crying sometimes when I just try to think about it.

For I look into the horizon and the questions that arise am either too afraid to answer or ashamed to know the answer.

But I am learning to "keep my hands in the hands of the man that stilled the waters".

There's so much to say but I don't think words or time allow me to share it all. I remember afew days ago one blogger wrote about the "then what....." and I told them that it had just began; well am still in my cycle but someone told me that the way I behave while in the cycle will determine how fast I get over and out of it.

All I can say is "lets embrace what comes with confidence and assurance that it would have been worse".

The end!

hi uncle torments I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Also if you need a shoulder to cry on...
".....If you need someone to hold you
Because your world’s fallin’ apart
If you need a light to guide you safely through the dark
And chase away the nightmares of the heart
If you need someone to give you
A purpose for your broken past
And restore the reservoir of hope inside of you
And mercy for each morning that is new..
I AM. And I was. I am the one who is to come. Yeah.
Before and after. I’ll still be what I am and what I was.
I’ll be all that you need and I’ll be all that you want.
I’m telling you, I am, I’m the rose they crucified and buried
I am ,now I’m risen from the dead.
I am, I’m the lion from the tribe of Judah
I am, I’m the lamb
I am. And I was. I am the one who is to come...."
<'i am' by nicole c mullen.

the 'I Am' is God btw just incase its abit cryptic:-)am sure all kenyan bloggers would want to be there for u during ur tough times but we might fail miserably..but God can and is there 4 u in every way that u need Him to be...
Thanks for the review Uncle Torments. Though I was expecting scandal and drama.....oh well...I guess self-reflection is just as good.

As for the future...I hope you factored in coffee drinking sessions with me this summer? You can run but you can't hide...I learnt the art of stalking from Nick
you sound like your growing through growing one ever warned as about growing up

and why u fronting that your office life and home life are separate when u know u live at work

@kari-thats the song i need right now
@mjy-u r a brilliant student
You know and I know there is something rather major and important missing from this review:)
((hugs)) is all i can muster
Sorry for the silence, had issues with my connection for quite a while but am glad thats sorted out.

Thanks so much for the concern and encouragement and feeling that there are friends out there who care for you....including Nick
That my prayer too!

Imagine I had that song today in bus...

@Mama Junkyard
The scandal and drama is coming you just me many shall be brought down...

@ Nick
Well its amazing what pple do to acquire the boldness to say certain things...How many fantas did you take this time?

@Big sis
And what could this me ;)

I receive them with both hands...
Anyone who writes like you and thinks like you is already a winner. Don't let the turkeys get you down. Instead, hunt them down them! On the other hand, it is a good thing to have bad days, weeks, even months. Otherwise, how would we know when we were happy and when we were lucky? I hate to think I am a sentimentalist, but sometimes I succumb. Emotions inhabit the same place,more or less, so the depth of your unhappiness is also the depth of your possible happiness. Khalil Gibran said something to like effect, much more mellifluously of course, something about cups of sorrow and joy.
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