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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


It's been a while; I say,

Since a poem I wrote.

I know where my head is,

But I dunno where I stand.

Drifting away; I might

And ignorance flows.

It seems, as My youth fades,

There's a lot I'm not knowin'.

As friends away drift,

And go to different schools.

Or I leave the country,

I don't play them for fools.

I just follow life's course,

And take whatever has been offered.

Maybe I'll work on computers,

Maybe I'll be an Author.

And though seem it may,

That my heads not screwed on right.

I can assure you,

Yeah, it's put on tight.

"Maybe I'll work on computers,
Maybe I'll be an Author."

Ah, the joy of life choices.
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