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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Sitting here battered and bruised
my body's aching in this pain...
My tears refuse to cry anymore
as I look out into the pouring rain.

Watching as the lightning returns
I tremble as I hear the thunder.
My arms are burning with regret
but still I can't help but wonder.

My mistakes scar my black heart
this remorse burns at my mind.
These pills kill my agony inside
but still I'm walking on a thin line.

This chain kills my distant sorrow
as a new cut appears over the old.
These burn marks show the story
the story that can never be told.

My blackened soul's no longer
and I'm afraid I'm already dead inside.
I've tried so many times before
so many times I've wanted to die.

Now my core is hollow and burned
as the ashes slowly start to fade.
My hope has slipped away slowly
knowing today might be the day.

These voices play their games
as I try and drown this sorrow.
My body aching from this pain
don't know what I do tomorrow.

I hope i never have to feel that way.
Nice Poem.
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