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Friday, September 16, 2005

My Painted On Smile

Perfected in time
Always trying to shine
My painted on smile
While [inside] I cry all the time

My fake existence for you
To try and get me through
I never meant to hurt you
I never meant it to be this way

I tried to be accepted
But you were the only one
Who could understand and except me
In the way in which I am

But still, I lie to you
As I can't accept the way I am
So you see me still
With this painted smile on my face

funny thing i believe many out there have painted smiles...every one out there is practically walkin with fake existences...false happiness
happiness cannot be fake expressions are; but ifyou fake a smile long enough with the aim to be joyful you soon begin to feel happy
Hi Moments,why do you still lie if you know she/he could only be the person who can accept you.
By the way how are you doing?
Love the poem...
If we are all walking around in fake existences, a la Nick, havent we perfected it so well that its the only way we know how? Or can other fake people recognise the fakeness in us?

Thanx for dropping by at my site. I really appreciate your comments. Its very hard to write poems...but once you start in, then you see magic in everything and everyone. I think that made me understand and like your blog and the poems. Good luck and good job.

Im linking your site in my are always welcome to do the same.

Thank you.
cool poem....
most of the smiles out there is painted...... when we will we REALLY SMILE ???
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