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Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Write a poem, please just one more
Before you leave for distant shores
My heart feels like a lead balloon
My mind dizzy as if to swoon
Walls close in on me
Let your couplets set me free
Write me a poem to lift my spirits
My heart knows no outer limits
Take me places only imagined
Cure my mood heavy and sanguine
Let your rhyme give me life
Take away my heartache and strife
Let your words give me hope
When times are tough and I cannot cope
Promise me everything will be alright
When my heart is silenced by your knife
Let’s walk together hand in hand
Take me to the promise land
Let your poetry transform my soul
Lift me from this deep dark hole
Your words, an aphrodisiac to cleanse
My past transgressions and willful sins
Pour forth your grace for fools like me
Read one more poem before you leave

excellent ! glad to see the thought of quitting has since been forgotten .
Superb poem.

Loved this words'

Write me a poem to lift my spirits,
My heart knows no outer limits...'

Simply beautiful.
Moments are you quitting poetry
quittin thats pretty new...we know where to find you
I have to say your pictures are breathtaking.
Yet another lovely poem! It spoke to me this. For me it brought out the power of words. Very lovely indeed, needless to say those pictures can't do better to enhance the words, they go hand in hand.

Thanks for sharing..
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