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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Translated from Sorani Kurdish and adopted to English language by Dr Rebwar Fatah

Poem By Abdullah Goran

There was a time when the world of my soul was dark and empty
Even the sunshine in my soul was cold

In the sky of my hopes, the stars –
Thousands of bright and beautiful king-stars:

Were submerged in a dark and black sea;
And were engaged with death, just like broken flowers

There was a time when the gardens of my life were without music
The nests of my nightingales were without songs

Neither my dreams were dreams nor my thoughts made much sense
My feelings were just like a disturbed ocean under heavy waves

My sole was without strength; I was sad and depressed
My hopes were dark; the death of my love was hidden in the coffin of life
I was hopeless; I thought that a fatal disease
Is bringing the gift of death once and forever

I thought, I have to wait until careless nature
Encourages beasts of graves to make a meal of me

But my love, sweet love and my stunning lady
With your rosy lips and dark black eyes

With your tall-figure, so supple and attractive
With your sweet walks, graceful movements, and melodious voice

With all these exquisiteness in the beauty of heavens
With all the magnificence that is in you

From the first day that I saw the magic of your smiles
The nightingales of my soul began to sing

The spring of my youth now flows once more
The gardens of my life are filled with flowers

Now, at least your magic would occasionally
be my melodies – my sweet lady

I vow to you, vow to attraction and vow to beauty
All my senses will go back to what they once were

The bright red blood flows through my veins
The dark horizon of my sky will dawn

It is passed! I would never get old or my heart die
Or my bright happiness would ever be spoiled

Now my love, my goddess, my Venus
Don’t permit the nightingale of my poetry to stop singing

Note: Only selected verses have been translated.

There was a time when the world of my soul was dark and empty
Even the sunshine in my soul was cold

These words brings so much magic
Wish words can unite people but unfortunatally it does not
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