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Saturday, November 19, 2005


As my mind tires more and more
With each new passing day,
Trying to make since of what I am doing,
Where I am going.
Am I trapped in the horrors of my own mind ?
Driven by some unknown force?
A pause in time, I slow in pace.
A past goes flying by, the truth that I hid.
Hiding from who I was.
Struggling with who I am, tyring to survive.
Trying to live, to love
Dreaming of when and why, asking the endless questions
Knowing not knowing
Trudging along trying to find me.
lost and afloat somewhere unknown asking who am I?

SUperb poem. The words and lines are deep. Liked this line' A past goes flying by, the truth that I hid'.
I can't believe it but between you and Mshairi, I am beginning to appreciate poety - and understanding it. I like this one too.
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