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Monday, November 21, 2005

Finally yours..

Greek goddess that you are
I am captured, enraptured
by the sultry soul that
elicits from your eyes.
I trace each plain of your face
your cheekbones
the cleft of your chin
I am possessed and perplexed
by the need to discover you
over and over again.
I could watch you move
through a crowd across a room
from here until eternity
and never tire of the almost
snake-like jut and thrust of your hips
I am ensorcelled by your
nearly mythical physical beauty
and your voice calls up
emotion I buried long ago.
Your heat thaws me
your lifebeat is my muse
you hold me close and I awaken
at last, at last,
relief, breath, hope, light is mine
and I am yours.

wow! that is all I can say
Lovely, lovely, lovely and the picture is not half bad too.
Simply Beautiful.
a lovely poem. beautiful and descriptive.
I wish to write like so amazing beautiful

Im in love with your writing
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