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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The idea to write this came from a Song I heard hope you like it...


Everytime I’m up late I have to work early.
Everytime I wake up I’m bleary eyed and surly.
Everytime I start early I sleep through my alarm.
Everytime I sleep in my boss is immune to my charm.

Everytime I read a book I get a paper cut.
Everytime I have exams I study the wrong books.
Everytime I burp in public I get dirty looks.
Everytime I write poems I run out of inspiration.
Everytime I catch the train I’m late to the station.
Everytime I handle my pet snake I get bitten.
Everytime I try to write I get nothing written.
Everytime I use my ‘puter spyware fills it up with porn
And cleaning out the hard drive can keep me up ‘til dawn.
Everytime I hang out my washing someone steals it.
Everytime I bite an orange I forget to peel it.
Everytime I shave I forget to do my knees.
Everytime I astral travel I forget my keys.

Everytime I bake a cake I forget the yeast.
Everytime I try to haggle I get truly fleeced.
Evertime I make a joke no one understands
Everytime I order veggie pizza it arrives with ham.
From the ham tree?

I dug this poem, it reminds me of my life, well except for the veggie pizza and all. Although, when I order a sandwich sans onions, onions always seem to get on there.

Nevertheless, good work.
Oh, that poem made me want to come and hug you and tell you that all is well, and that I am here to make the pain go away. Lovely!!!
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