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Thursday, December 29, 2005


For the quiet ones
The ones in the back of the classroom
Quietly gettting on with their work
Following behind their friends
The last one picked in P.E

For the quiet ones
Who doesn't question
Who doesn't ask

For the quiet ones
The ones with secrets
And silent ambitions
Whose touch isn't harsh

For the quiet ones
Who don't get asked
Who don't get loved
Pushed to the back
Drowning in the crowd

The ones who drink alone
And store the bottles in their mind

The ones who cut
Just to punish themselves

The ones who eat
Just because they're lonely

The nice ones
Who are anti social
And are ignored

The thing is
The quiet ones
Are not always quiet
And outcasts

They can be so loud
But so quiet at the same time

They can be the most popular
But feel so alone all at the same time

Wherever you're quiet or not
This is for them
To tell them
They're not

Did you come up with this yourself? It's beautiful. I felt it. Coz I tend to be one of the quiet ones tho some of my friends don't think so. They'd laugh if they heard me say that. They just don't know...sigh.
I hide, I think.
HAve a wonderful new year Anthony. May god bless you and your family. Keep on writing great posts and images!

Loved this line;

The ones who drink alone,
and store the bottles in their mind!

Best ever line ive read this year.
That poem put a dent in my suit of armour.


Safe travels to you.
Hey moments wats up with the new year....hey u quiet one
Iam have always been the loudon ei nay gathering, but sometimes i like t be in the back , unseen and this does speak to me.I love your blog and half the time i dont comment because i dont know what to say. Great blog and always back for more. Happy nu year
I LOVE this one. fits me to a tee!!
keep up the great work
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