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Saturday, February 25, 2006


You came in running for the bus
Dripping wet and soaked with rain,
Somewhere inside I felt a pain –
You stole my heart away.

Every morning you’d be there
Pausing just to pay your fare,
I wanted you to see me there –
You stole my mind away.

Nighttime would come; I’d lie awake
Rehearsing all the moves I’d make,
But you’d walk by and I would shake –
You stole my dreams away.

You scared me once; you weren’t on time
You didn’t come ‘til half past nine,
It made me sick, but you were fine –
You stole my fear away.

I wanted you just once to smile
Shake my hand and stay a while,
But you only came to save a mile –
You stole my laugh away.

Then he came; I almost died
You kissed him twice when you Goodbye’d,
I hated him; I cried and cried –
You stole my tears away.

I loved your shadow; you weren’t there
You never saw when I would stare,
I wish you knew, that you would care –
You stole my life away.

I still think of you, and dream of you
Sometimes I wonder how you do,
But I can’t blame you for what I went through –
I guess I gave it all away.

Sweet sweet poem. You should have made her know what you were feeling..
One day you will have what you deserve..
Lovely week
What a lovely poem!!! I flashed back to my youth.
That is a very very sweet and poignant movie. I wish I could write like that :( melted everyones heart! Loved it bro.
OK that's just gut wrenchingly painfull...Dude I feel your pain. Lovely poem
I like this blog. It looks very cool and calm. Keep up the good work.
Very nice!
You write such beautiful poems Torments.
That is so lovely.Sweet
Yes. It feels bad. I too was shadow loving someone like this long ago...
that was amazing............bravo,i had a tear in my eye!!!!!
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