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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sometimes my head goes numb!

sometimes my head goes numb!
For staring too long at the phone
Hoping you would call
Or even still just text
But all I get is silence;
Yes Silence.

sometimes my head goes numb!
when I refresh my inbox a 1000 times
Hoping to find mail from you
But all I get is an empty inbox;
"O unread mails".

sometimes my head goes numb!
When I pass by your place
hoping to catch a glimpse of you
Hoping you might atleast say something
But all I see are closed curtains;
windows tightly shut.

sometimes my head goes numb!
when instead of listening to you
I stare deep into your dark eyes
Hoping you would see my longing
But all I see is my own reflection;
reflected back.

But the more I try to move on,
the more I try to let go
The more I realize
that my head has grown numb;
Completely numb!
cause am in Love with you!

wow first here...
haki check ur bulk mail the mail could be goin there lol...nice poem btw
Aki Torments, I think you're in my head. That is EXACTLY how I've been feeling the last few months.

Like I keep looking inside every dark blue station wagon I see hoping its him.... and I always peep into his compound when i drive past him hoping to catch a glimpse of him......

Eeeeee ma!
Life is all about waiting isnt it...waiting for eternity for that one purpose that we dont know...
love your blog...yiu can view mine at
Very nice tho sad
how are you doing brother?
wow, great always!
wow, that's a beautiful poem, I so relate to the refreshing your inbox thing, although in a different context.
beautiful poem..I so relate to that part about refreshing your inbox, although in a different context.
yeah... F5. best friend. worst enemy.

nice site :) great writing.

funny that Garfield strip. I was about to scan one for my next post. weird.
bro...where are you???
its been while come there is no new of your poetry...I have been touched by words let us hear more of it
life goes dumb
Actually i liked this one a lot...

Somehow...i can follow it, relate to it

Its true isnt it...the more you try to get over it the more you realize what the other person means to you. I guess you just dont think about the whole thing until then.

Nice poem
Its been long time ...I hope you are around...Ar u
are you still around?
dont stop here let us here more of these
Its been awhile where are you and where is ur poetry

I hoep all is well with you ..long time no words from u
I went tru such a phase sometimes last year n I know how depressin it's.
Thanx for remindin me that Life's about that!!
this is how I feel this week. thank you for your awesome words
First time reading your blog....n ua Torments you have talent..nice poetry!
I love this blog. This particular post is exactly how life with my ex was and the sucky thing was I loved him anyway.
You are an amazing writer.
Splendid, deep reflects my experience. I guess y they say love is pain.
This is something I can totally relate to.
cant resist to leave a few words at my old friends 'home' on the internet. those were the days.
I know this is 2.5 years since your last post but I do hope you still write poetry. You do write extremely well.

Have you ever published any of your poetry??
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