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Saturday, November 06, 2004

My days so far

Today was my last day at compassion, not only was it my last attendance as a student but as a member of compassion. I also handed in the departure letter I wrote yesterday and said goodbye to some of the teachers there.

I can't say am excited about it, neither can I say I was looking forward to it. It something I always dreaded doing or hearing about; and when guys started talking about being departed I would always pretend I had something to do and walk out. But the time came yesterday where I couldn't pretend or run away any more and had to face the situation.

Its amazing how I have behaved and reacted to all of this, and impressed by my reaction. I actually thought I would be so down, angry and moody all day but so far am proud of the person I am.

Yesterday Was prize giving day and I can tell you, I was one stressed and tired person. Most of the staff members were not in and I was like the main person in-charge of all the dirty and heavy work and the ones that remained (newspaper guy being one) all they did was just sit there and tell me what I should do and how I should do it. To make matters worse after the even was over, I kept some of the cake (yes there was cake) so I could eat today and guess who comes opens my locker and takes all of it? The administrator (Gosh was I mad).

So far the computers haven't being returned and the hall arranged, I guess they are waiting for me to do that? Well I will leave it like that and come monday, I think I will not be showing my face around here.

Well yesterday was my birthday, and I spent it even like I do most of the times, alone! Its interesting that I even remembered about it this time. I can't believe am getting this old and still don't have a car in my garage, a house on top of the hill and lots of money in my bank account.

Am still fighing emotions about smartkid and I can tell you it hasn't been easy. Most times I tell myself to avoid them but whenever I see them my flesh takes the better part of me and drives me headon towards them. I know it will never work and even if I try telling myself so I don't know why I haven't gotten over them. I have tried hating them, annoying them, looking for excuses to put them out of my head, heart and life but the more I do this, the more it feels like they are getting there even more.

Well tomorrow is on a sunday, don't know what to do after church, don't feel like going to see my nephews and neither do I feel like coming here to the office, to make matters worse I don't have a place to go, and staying home is the very last option and out of the question.

hi there.u once paid a visit o my bolg and am payin back the favor. i really like your writing and teh photo's
hope i knew who u was-u sounded like u knew me???do u?
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